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In Agriculture we find ourselves in unique operating environments, that come with unique health and safety challenges. With help from everyone at People Management Group and the use of the UdderlySAFE program, we have been able to provide tools and training to ensure the safety and well-being of the Lely Center Woodstock Team. People Management’s experience and understanding of on farm safety was key in teaming up to meet our health and safety goals. The UdderlySAFE online portal is easy to use and allows employees to access important information where ever they are located. With more than half of our team working outside the office this was the perfect solution.

People Management Group advise Lely Center Woodstock on all various HR-related topics and helps us to bring our HR-standards to the next level. The accurate knowledge and to the point  communication is very helpful and makes the cooperation very pleased and fruitful.

Bas van Berkel, General Manager
Lely Center Woodstock