As Canadians, we have the democratic right to vote. Today, Monday, October 21, 2019 is our federal election.  

Election eligibility times vary depending on each riding. So check online ( , or on the voter information card you should have received in the mail.  

Taking the time to vote 

Under the Canada Elections Act, everyone who is eligible to vote is entitled to three (3) consecutive hours for the purpose of casting their vote. For example, if your voting hours are from 9:30am- 9:30pm and you work 11am- 7:00pm, your hours of work do not allow for three consecutive hours of voting. Your employer could allow you to arrive late (I.e. at 12:30pm) or let you leave early (I.e. 6:30pm) to give you the three hours. Additionally, your employer could give you three hours at any point during the workday to go and vote. However, the employer has the right to decide when the time will be given off.  


The transportation industry has exemptions for this law. Employers are not required to provide three consecutive hours if the following conditions are met; 

  1. the employer is a company that transports goods or passengers by land, air or water; 
  1. the employee is employed outside his or her polling division; 
  1. the employee is employed in the operation of a means of transportation; and 
  1. the time off cannot be allowed without interfering with the transportation service. 

For more information about taking time off to vote, visit 

Additionally, if you are still undecided, check out the CBC’s Vote Compass. It is a great unbiased tool you can use!