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A customized Health and Safety Program especially designed for feather farmers with poultry of any type, whether broilers, layers, hatchery or turkey producers with farms of all sizes.

Are you:

  • Overwhelmed by Health and Safety information?
  • Not sure if your current HR and H&S information is accurate?
  • No time to prepare monthly safety talks for your staff?
  • Stressing about a possible Ministry of Labour visit?
  • We understand all you want to do is feed the world with your exceptional quality poultry products

No ruffled feathers with our expert HR and H&S solution!

FeatherSAFE: the one-stop solution for poultry farmers

FeatherSAFE is your one-stop poultry farm and producers safety program that frees your time to take care of producing quality birds and eggs!

FeatherSAFE ensures you can keep all your Health and Safety and HR documentation and employee records up to date and in compliance with local and government legislation. We customize and update every FeatherSAFE solution, so you always have the most up to date information for your poultry farm.

Like the idea of all your feather business health and safety and HR requirements dealt with online?

Call us at 519-532-2508 to discuss your specific requirements

Feather Safe Brochure

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An easy to use, online solution for all poultry farmers and producers

FeatherSAFE provides you with secure 24/7 access to everything you need to meet your operation’s Health and Safety requirements. We customize your version of FeatherSAFE so it is tailor-made for your farm and your business including:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Exclusive online e-training materials and videos
  • Monthly training materials and certification for employees
  • Important farm safety audit records
  • Employee / Personnel Files
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Need HR for your employees too?

Our FeatherSAFE HR option solution covers all your HR requirements, plus access to our HR experts 24/7 either online or on the phone. Call us for details, or download our FeatherSAFE brochure to read more..

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Easy to use farm record-keeping

FeatherSAFE is a unique H&S program designed to make your life much easier! It is not a collection of basic template H&S resources that you need to sort through.

FeatherSAFE is a feature-rich, all in one online solution that keeps all your safety requirements, and activities properly documented and managed, in an easy to access, secure online space.

FeatherSAFE securely stores all your HR and H&S information, including team member personnel files, and training records. So, if the MOL inspectors suddenly come calling, you’ll be able to access and present all the relevant documents, including signed monthly safety attendance sheets direct from FeatherSAFE.

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Support from our expert team

As a busy poultry farmer or egg producer, you’ll want to spend more time to tend to your birds and less time worrying about H&S or HR issues. That’s why we offer 24/7 support for our FeatherSAFE program. Once your customized version of FeatherSAFE is ready to use, you can call us for live, human-to-human support, 24/7. When you contact us, you’ll be talking to people who understand the challenges and business of farming in Canada.

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FeatherSAFE training resources

Trying to create new training materials is time consuming. Instead, FeatherSAFE assigns the relevant safety training to your employees based upon the hazards that pose a risk to them on a regular basis. Our online library of professional, engaging health and safety resources covers a variety of topics to improve your own knowledge and that of your employees.

The FeatherSAFE path to farm safety

As a thriving farming business, farm safety will be your No1 priority. The FeatherSAFE approach to H&S and HR ensures your farm, employees and poultry care practices are legislatively compliant on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Here’s how it works.


Farm Safety Audit

We conduct a full Health and Safety (H&S) audit of your farm/s aided by your expert knowledge as the Farm Manager/Owner. Our methodical approach will shine light on any gaps in your compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Regulations


Research & FeatherSAFE Customization

We do additional research to customize the FeatherSAFE H&S program so it is unique to your farm and business. So, when you log in for the first time, FeatherSAFE is pre-loaded with all your information, and ready to go to work!


FeatherSAFE Launch

We help you share your customized FeatherSAFE program with your employees and management team, and show them how it works, including access to:

  • Video training and e-courses
  • Employees’ profiles and passwords
  • Employee records
  • Your operation’s full H&S program and documentation
  • And so much more!

FeatherSAFE Monthly Meeting

FeatherSAFE makes your monthly safety talk so easy to facilitate. Use the custom create monthly safety talk to meet with your team, capture their attendance and let us upload it into employee records for further due diligence.


Annual Check Ups

Every year, our FeatherSAFE experts will help you audit your H&S program, to ensure it meets the needs of your broilers, layers, hatchery or turkey farm.


Constant Contact

Whenever you’re working on your Health and Safety or HR issues, we are here to help, 24/7.

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You can:

Like the idea of all your feather business health and safety and HR requirements dealt with online?

Call us at 519-532-2508 to discuss your specific requirements

Feather Safe Brochure

Download our FeatherSAFE Brochure

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Due to COVID-19, our office is currently located at 63 Blandford Street, Innerkip, Ontario N0J 1M0 until it is safe to resume at our Woodstock office. Our hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with 24 hour support.