It can be really hard to terminate someone’s employment, especially since they are a lovely person. So why on earth would you lose someone so great? Because, they may be fantastic and scored high on experience – but they just don’t fit the job profile
There are certain skills and personalities that just fit better into certain positions. Like a square peg fits nice into a square hole – a circle? – not so much. Circles are fabulous – in round holes.
There are many resources to help you find the best match for your company. Taking the time to investigate and be inquisitive about your candidates will pay off.
Finding someone to work with you and your business takes time and money. You can spend a lot on advertising, recruitment and even repeating the process until the right candidate comes along.
The owner of a company can find themselves so frustrated with this situation. Hiring people for a job, only to have them check out and quit soon after. Is it them? Is the owner the problem. Not always. Sometimes you’ve just hired the wrong fit.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a better insight into the right person for the job?
Having a benchmark for your perfect match is something Behavioral Profiling can help you and your company with. You not only should use it when hunting for new hires, but you should also conduct the profiling on current staff. Knowing someone’s unique traits can help management lead, employees communicate better and create a general sense of unity at work.
The first step in profiling is actually clearly defining the job description. And beyond the tasks, is knowing what personality would fit best with your company, you and the position itself. For example you need an assertive person to lead others, an organized person to manage the administration and so on.
The next step is to actually understand and learn about your applicants. You need to do more than ask surface questions. Get deep. Ask the questions that will shed more light into who your candidate actually is – not just what their experience tells.
Profile your candidates with tools created to do so. We at  People Management Group use a thorough and high tech approach to recruitment. We ourselves have been through the process and it helps us communicate and work with each other better. We have seen a genuinely high satisfaction rate when we apply our findings in our hirings and our clients are happy with who we match them with.