When employees are engaged they are excited to get up and head to work. They want to be part of the team. They bring enthusiasm and heart to their jobs. They are dedicated and sincerely invest in the betterment of their company’s future.
So how do you create this dream team?
With sound and solid HR practices. When you have the correct and effective policies in place you ensure that your employees will be loyal and stay put. Replacing employees, as we all know, is expensive and hard for the organization as a whole.
So what practices work?
Strategic Planning
When you create your strategic plan, you are deciding how your business will operate in order to meet your mission, values, and vision. HR planning connects HR management directly to your plan and that means your employees will have defined roles tied to the direction of your company.
Operational HR Planning
Good planning is based on thinking ahead for your organization.
At an operational level, companies use HR management practices to support the management and employees to reach their goals. Activities and practices are planned out and supported throughout the year and targets are used to measure the success of the outcomes. An operational plan ensures everyone is properly supported.
Job Descriptions
It may sound obvious, but having a well-written job description sets an individual up for success. It outlines clear responsibilities of their position so the employee knows what is expected of them. The employee should be able to recognize how their position supports the company’s missions and goals.
Performance Reviews
Every employee deserves to know where they excel and where they need to step up. Having scheduled and consistent reviews for employees offers them guidelines and direction.
Team Work
When a team works well together they feel a sense of unity and empower each other to thrive. Create an environment that fosters teamwork. Encourage activities and projects that support team building will bring your employees together.
Encouraging Wellness
Have a workplace that is healthy means more than keeping sick employees at home. It means considering all aspects of someone’s life such as physical, spiritual, environmental, occupational and mental health. When your company supports all of these aspects it becomes a great place to work and a safe place for employees to be.
Recognizing Employees
When you value your employees enough to champion their success it makes them feel a sense of purpose. This will motivate your staff to continue their great performance and feel valued.
When you implement these steps you will be on your way to building, securing and maintaining a great group of team members.