Does your business have guidelines in place to keep your employees and the public safe? How are you staying up to date with the latest developments and recommendations?

We have had so many questions from businesses trying to adapt to the new health and safety guidelines while remaining open for business or as they plan to reopen. We understand the challenges of adjusting how your business operates and we are here to help.

When evaluating your workplace, ask yourself these questions:

1.Do we have a plan if someone gets sick?

2. Have we followed the provincial safety guidelines?

3. How will we maintain social distancing? Do we need PPE?

4.  Does everyone know what is expected of them, do they need training?

5. Should we screen customers or employees?

If you are looking for answers to any of these questions or if you need help developing a plan for your workplace reach out to us by calling 519-532-2508 or emailing