Behavioral Profiling for Businesses

  • Not sure how your employees might react in a crisis?
  • Concerned about how they might manage stress?
  • Looking to find the natural leaders in your team?

Behavioral profiling allows you to assess employees and potential job candidates quickly and easily, without compromising on the accuracy of the results.

We use a world-leading psychometric solution to provide detailed, accurate reports that help you make better decisions about staffing, role assignment and more.

What is a behavioral profile?

By asking a series of questions, this profile reveals how people will behave, rather than what they believe. Many personality tests focus on identifying character traits, rather than character behaviours. Using our analysis, you’ll know more about how an employee might act or react in any given circumstance.

The behavioral testing process covers significant areas including:

  • Key behavioral traits
  • Decision-making style
  • Energy level
  • How behaviour is adjusted under pressure
  • Key motivators
  • Satisfaction indexes
  • Overriding needs
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Behavioral profiling for recruitment

Our system allows you to identify key behaviors for the role you wish to fill and develop a position benchmark. So, when it comes to executive recruiting and talent acquisition, you know what you are looking for – and what to avoid. You can compare your applicants to the benchmark and identify their fit.

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Behavioral profiling for managers

Have you got the right people in the right roles? Knowing their behavioral profile can ensure you has got the top talent where you need them most. Equally, it’ll show you who is not a good fit, and help you understand why employees might be dissatisfied with their position. With this knowledge, you can improve your employee engagement to build better communications and relationships with your staff.

Team Building

Strong Teams = Strong Performance
Building High Performance Teams workshops open up ways to achieve desired results through strengthening individual and team performance. Team members gain understanding of the skills of others, develop mutual trust through sharing perceptions, and encourage accountability through action commitments.


Contact us for more information, whether you just want one or two profiles, or a company-wide approach.

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