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KeepSAFE is a fully customizable Health and Safety Program especially designed to help Canadian businesses like yours to manage your health and safety requirements easily and securely. KeepSAFE also has an HR option to effectively outsource much of your HR to our online system and 24/7 support team.

Are you:

  • Overwhelmed by seemingly endless Health and Safety updates?
  • Uncertain if the H&S information you have on file is correct?
  • Always pushed for time to create monthly safety training?
  • Concerned about a Ministry of Labour surprise visit?
  • Looking to outsource your HR administration?

You Do Business, We Take Care of the HR and H&S!

Is the idea of outsourcing your health and safety and HR growing on you?

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KeepSAFE: the one-stop solution for business’ health and safety and HR

KeepSAFE is a HR and H&S solution that manages and maintains your health and safety and HR program complete with records, training and policies and procedures. Fully customized to the needs of your business, whether agriculture, retail, service or manufacturing, KeepSAFE ensures you can keep your Health and Safety and HR programs documentation and employee records compliant and up to date.

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Always up to date

We customize and update every KeepSAFE solution remotely while you work. So when you need to access the system, it’s up to date, accurate, and populated with the correct information. It’s like having your own HR and H&S department working for you, but online.

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Want all your business HR and health and safety requirements managed online

24/7 support from real human HR experts if you need it?

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An easy to use, online solution for all types of business

KeepSAFE provides you with secure 24/7 access to everything you need to meet your provincial Health and Safety requirements. Your business’s edition of KeepSAFE is fully customized for your unique business, including:

  • Up to date and compliant policies and procedures
  • Engaging online e-training materials and videos
  • Monthly training materials and certification for employees
  • Industry-specific safety audit records
  • Secure storage and processing of employee / personnel files
  • Online safety training, videos and safety training (e learning)
  • Accurate record keeping to track absenteeism
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Outsource your HR department with KeepSAFE

Choose the KeepSAFE HR option to create your own online HR department! Always available, and supported by expert advice 24/7 by our HR consultants, we take care of all the paperwork so you can concentrate on what you do best – running a successful business. From policies to disputes, KeepSAFE is here to make HR less of a headache.

Call us at 519-532-2508 for details, or

Download our KeepSAFE Brochure

Support from our expert team

As an owner or manager you want to spend more time on business and less time on administration. By outsourcing your HR and H&S to KeepSAFE, you can save on staffing and departmental costs without compromising on the quality, compliance and effectiveness of your employee HR services.

We’ll work with your company to create a fully customized version of KeepSAFE, with all the required documents, policies and procedures your business requires. Your customized version of KeepSAFE is ready to use from the moment you log on, and you can call us for live, 24/7 support. Our team includes HR consultants with decades of experience in both everyday and complex employee issues, including:

  • On site Audits
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Health and safety / HR policies and procedures
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Training
  • Record Keeping

KeepSAFE training resources

Why spend your time creating monthly safety materials, when you can access an online library of professional, engaging health and safety resources created by PMG, including engaging training videos and e-training. The online software is position-specific and assigns the training required to minimize the hazards of your employees’ day-to-day tasks. The courses include a variety of topics to improve your own knowledge or that of your employees, including:

You can:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Driving safely on the road
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment
  • Ergonomics and Manual Material Handling
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • WHMIS (GHS) 2015
  • And so much more!

KeepSAFE Annual Audit

Our KeepSAFE experts will work together with you to conduct an annual audit of your H&S program, to ensure it meets the changing needs of your business anywhere in Canada.

Call us for expert H&S and HR services

At PMG, we have decades of experience helping businesses like yours streamline their H&S and HR procedures, processes and policies without compromise. Call us for your free, no-obligation consultation today to bring your business admin online and in line with all legislative requirements.

You can:

Is the idea of outsourcing your health and safety and HR growing on you?

Call us at 519-532-2508

Download our FarmingSAFE Brochure

How to find us

Due to COVID-19, our office is currently located at 63 Blandford Street, Innerkip, Ontario N0J 1M0 until it is safe to resume at our Woodstock office. Our hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with 24 hour support.